31 Jul 2014
Jul 31 2014

Under such ethos and culture, the kingdom of Kuru king Shantanu prospered around Hastinapur. Business and commerce, peace and prosperity, art and literature flourished all around. People both inside the palace and out side were happy. High standard of education, both secular and spiritual, was maintained through the […]

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30 Jul 2014
Jul 30 2014

Bhishma was son of Shantanu and the river goddess Ganges. His mother Ganges had left Shantanu after giving birth to Bhishma. That is different story which would be included in appendix. Having given his word of honour to his step mother, Satyavati, Bhishma remained celibate all through his […]

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29 Jul 2014
Jul 29 2014

Childhood  The princes grew into wonderful children. After thread ceremony, they all went for studies to the ashrama of their Guru Acharya Drona (also called Dronacharya) – Teacher of the Royal family. Dronacharya was well versed in ancient scriptures — Vedas and Upanishads, as well as in practices […]

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28 Jul 2014
Jul 28 2014

Near the ashrama of Drona, where Arjuna and his brothers used to take lessons in various arts, there lived a small bright boy, shudra by caste (lower caste). His name was Eklavya. He had great desire to learn the art of archery from Dronacharya. But his mother had […]

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27 Jul 2014
Jul 27 2014

From Adolescence To Adulthood All the princes returned to Hastinapur after completing their studies at Drona’s ashrama. They grew into healthy and powerful adults. All were trained in various branches of knowledge including statesmanship, diplomacy, economics, sociology, and so on. Moreover, everyone excelled in one particular skill of […]

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26 Jul 2014
Jul 26 2014

Bhishma, Dronacharya, and Vidura called a meeting to designate the next king, in place of Dhritarashtra. Two options were discussed. First, Yudhisthira being the eldest of the Kuru princes was considered for nomination. Second view, supported by Dhritarashtra and his brother-in-law Shakuni (brother of his wife queen Gandhari […]

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25 Jul 2014
Jul 25 2014

Pandavas Stay in Forest The narrow escape put Kunti in a state of shock and apprehension. She could not put her sons at the mercy of Duryodhana and Shakuni. She was afraid they would again make attempt on their lives. Therefore, she pleaded with her sons to live […]

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24 Jul 2014
Jul 24 2014

In particular, Arjuna was the best friend and disciple of Sri Krishna. Arjuna respected Sri Krishna as his chosen ideal and guide. On the other hand, princess Draupadi had accepted Sri Krishna as her brother and guide. Therefore, Sri Krishna was interested in the marriage of Draupadi.with Arjuna. […]

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23 Jul 2014
Jul 23 2014

Formation of Indraprastha – Kingdom for Pandavas Sri Krishna, Bhishma, Dronacharya and others persuaded Dhritarashtra to recall Pandavas back and give them their rightful half of the kingdom with due honour. Dhritarashtra acceded to their wishes, though somewhat reluctantly. Duryodhana and Uncle Shakuni opposed the idea and Karna […]

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22 Jul 2014
Jul 22 2014

The day was fixed for the game of dice. On one side sat Duryodhana, uncle Shakuni, and Dushasana while other side was occupied by Yudhisthira and his four brothers. Shakuni would throw dice for Kauravas while Yudhisthira would do the job for Pandavas. Initially a small amount of […]

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