Adverb Clause of Place

Adverb Clause of Place

The Adverb Clause of Place indicates the place about which the verb talks.

The Adverb Clause of Place starts with where, wherever, whereas etc…


• I have put it where I can find it again.
In this sentence, the Clause, ‘where I can find it again’ indicates the place where it is put.
That Adverb Clause is of Place.

• They can stay where they are.
In this sentence, the Adverb-Clause ‘where they are’ indicates the place where they can stay.
That is an Adverb-Clause of Place.

In the following sentences, the Adverb-Clauses of Place have been colored blue.

Wherever you live, I will come to that place to live.

• He led the caravan, wherever he wanted to go.

• You can paste it wherever you like to be.

• Let him be arrested wherever he may be found.

• Let us go to where they asked us to wait.

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