Adverb Clause of Purpose

Adverb Clause of Purpose

The Adverb Clause of Purpose may indicate the purpose which the verb may address.


• We have to eat so that we may live.

Here the Adverb-Clause ‘so that we can live’ is the purpose for which we eat.

That means the verb ‘eat’ is addressing the purpose.

Such an Adverb Clause of Purpose will begin with

1.So that
2.In order that
3.In order to

• I will give you a map so that you can find the way to your relative’s house.

In this sentence also the purpose for giving the map has been noted in the sentence in the form of an adverb-clause.

Such is the nature of an Adverb-Clause-of-Purpose.


In the following sentences the Adverb Clauses of Purpose have been colored blue.

• Sleep well lest you will not write your exam very well.

• He was extra polite to his superiors lest something adverse should be written into his records.

• He was invited to the function in order to show him how wonderfully this function has been organized.

• Let us go now itself so that we can catch the train.

• He drew the sword so that he could defend himself.

• Come here so that I could bless you.

You can form your sentences using this Adverb-Clause-of-Purpose.

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