Adverb Clause of Reason

Adverb Clause of Reason

An Adverb Clause of Reason indicates why the particular action of the verb is taken.

Read the following sentence.

Because he likes his master, he helped his master.

In this sentence, why he helped his master has been answered by the Adverb-Clause ‘because he likes his master’.

Such an Adverb-Clause may be of Adverb-Clause of Reason type.

• I did this work, because this work is part of my educational project.

In this sentence, why I did this work has been answered by the adverb-clause ‘because this work is part of my educational project’.

The Adverb-Clauses of Reason will begin with because, since, as that etc…


In the following sentences the Adverb-Clauses of Reason have been colored blue.

• I did not buy it because I did not like the look of it.

Because he is rich, he thinks he can buy all of us juices.

• I am glad that you like this town.

As he was not there, he spoke to his brother.

• He was very pleased that you got admission in to this university.


An Adverb-Clause of Clause and an Adverb Clause of Reason are one and the same.

In this way, you can form your own sentences using the Adverb Clauses of Reason.

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