Adverb Clause of Time

Adverb Clause of Time

When the adverb-clause indicates time. The adverb can be termed as Adverb Clause of Time.

These clauses begin with conjunctions such as…

1. Whenever
2. While
3. After
4. Before
5. Since
6. When
7. As
8. As soon as
9. Till

When you have finished your work, you may go home.
In this sentence, the clause ‘when you have finished your work’ indicated the time when you may go home.

• I will do it when I think fit.
In this sentence, the clause ‘when I think fit’ is indicating the time for me to do the work.

Examples:In the following sentences, the adverb clauses of time have been colored blue.

• Do not talk while she is singing.

When I command this ship, there will be good discipline.

• He came after night had fallen.

After the law was passed, this type of crime ceased.

• Do it before you forget.

Before you go, bring me some water.

• I have not been well, since I returned from New York.

• There was silence as the leader spoke.

As he came into the room, all rose to their foot.

• The Doctor always comes whenever he is sent for.

• They were commanded to wait till the signal was give.

As soon as he heard the news he wrote to me.

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