Glossary of Space

Glossary of Space

Glossary of Space :

arc – a part of a circle

array – a group of items arranged in rows and columns

atmospheric pressure – the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the Earth’s surface

cargo bay – a compartment in a space shuttle used during take off for storing devices such as satellites

combustion chamber – the part of a cylinder where the explosion of the air-fuel mixture takes place

diameter – the longest distance from one side of an object to the other passing through the centre

drag – resistance that slows an object down

flyby – a fight at a low altitude over a planet

gravity – the force that attracts oil bodies in the Universe to each other

Houston – the largest city in the state of Texas, USA, where NASA is based

lander – a space vehicle that is designed to land on another planet

lunar module – the section of the Apollo spacecraft designed to land on the Moon

monitor – to record an activity or process

nebulae – clouds of gas and dust in space

nuclear fusion – two atoms coming together and giving off huge amounts of energy

optical telescope – an astronomical telescope designed to collect and record light from cosmic sources

orbit – the path that an object makes around another object whilst under the influence of gravity

orbiter – a spacecraft whose purpose is to orbit around a planet

ozone – a form of oxygen, usually found in the stratosphere, one responsible for flittering out much of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation

ozone hole – a hole in the protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere

probe – an unmanned spacecraft which collects information about objects in space and sends it back to scientists on Earth

propel – to push or drive forward

quarantined – the isolation of people or animals for a period of time to ensure they don’t spread disease

radiation belt – a region of charged particles trapped in the Earth’s magnetic held

reflecting telescope – a telescope which uses a mirror to gather and focus light from a distant object

refracting telescope – a telescope which uses a lens to gather and focus light from a distant object

resolution – the sharpness or clarity of on image

satellite – device that orbits the Earth and can be used for monitoring the weather, communications, etc.

Soviet Union – a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia established in 1922 – included Russia and 14 other republics – this group has split up and no longer exists.

space race – battle between the United States and the Soviet Union for dominance in space exploration

Glossary of Space :

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