Semi Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Semi Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Quasi Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Ought to, used to, need and dare are called Semi Modal Auxiliary Verbs which are also called Quasi Modal Auxiliary Verbs.

Ought to :

  • The train ought to leave now.
  • He ought to speak now.
  • Vaigai express ought to leave at 6.45pm.
  • Used to :

  • I used to drink coffee when I was young.
  • He used to smoke once.
  • They used to visit our house when they were here.
  • Need :

  • I need to come now.
  • He need not take this exam.
  • They need not buy this dress.
  • Dare :

  • How dare you speak to me!
  • I dare not to show my progress card to my father.
  • You dare to get up in the middle.

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