29 Jul 2014
Jul 29 2014

Childhood  The princes grew into wonderful children. After thread ceremony, they all went for studies to the ashrama of their Guru Acharya Drona (also called Dronacharya) – Teacher of the Royal family. Dronacharya was well versed in ancient scriptures — Vedas and Upanishads, as well as in practices […]

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24 Jul 2014
Jul 24 2014

In particular, Arjuna was the best friend and disciple of Sri Krishna. Arjuna respected Sri Krishna as his chosen ideal and guide. On the other hand, princess Draupadi had accepted Sri Krishna as her brother and guide. Therefore, Sri Krishna was interested in the marriage of Draupadi.with Arjuna. […]

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20 Jul 2014
Jul 20 2014

On the second day Arjuna took command of his army and arranged his men in a special format which gave little scope to Kauravas army to advance and attack the Pandavas. Bhishma had killed Uttar son of king Virata. Shalya had managed to kill Shweta. Pandavas saw great […]

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