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Will-Power :

We need strong will-power to stand against the onslaught of many negative forces which are always waiting to destabilize us from our balanced mentality. The Political leaders, the freedom fighters, business tycoons, poets, scientists, religious leaders and many such people who have understood the mind of the man have achieved their success in great degree of advancements had a strong will-power which took them to their level of success which have placed in a unique places in the history of mankind.

The content of this page is taken from the book titled WILL-POWER and ITS DEVELOPMENT written by SWAMI SUDHANANDA who was a renowned and insightful teacher from India. He was such a person who learned what should be learned and stood by what he learned.

The following is the transcripts of the PUBLISHER’S NOTE of the book. Our readers are required to contact the office whose address is given below to know more about the in-depth study about the will-power.

Advaita Ashrama, 5, Dehi Entally Road,
Kolkata – 700014.
Email : [email protected]

There are many SWAMIS in this ashramam who will guide you properly in developing your will-power and strengthening it. Stronger your will-power….more confident you will be. Many people will lose their hearts at the least sign of obstacle in their lives. We need strong mind to withstand the disturbing world around us. Here is a very good place where you will develop your will-power to a strong condition.

Will-Power and Its development by a SWAMI from India first appeared in the May and June Issues of Prabuddha Bharata of 1983. Many of our readers who were impressed by the importance of the subject matter and the quality of the article requested us time and again to republish it in the form of a brochure for the benefit of a wider public. We are therefore bringing this small booklet with the hope that it will help to develop in them an indomitable will-power which is a sine qua non for the success in the life of every human being.

Swami Budhananda, an erudite scholar and a forceful writer, was for some years the editor of the Prabuddha Bharata and President of the Advaita Ashrama – Mayavati and passed away in 1983. After that her disciples carry over his messages to the mankind by conducting workshops around the world. Many people from many parts of the world visit this ashramam to learn the methods to strengthen their will-power.

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